Top 20 shortcuts for taming Windows 7

Here's my top-20 list of must-know shortcuts; you'll never have to move your hands from the keyboard. I've included many keyboard shortcuts you might already be familiar with; skip down the list to see the ones you don't know.

Switch between open windows Alt + Tab
Minimize/restore all but active window Windows key + Home
Minimize all windows Windows key + M
Maximize window Windows key + up-arrow
Minimize/restore window Windows key + down-arrow
Make all windows transparent so you can see the desktop Windows key + spacebar
Dock window to left or right half of screen Windows key + left- or right-arrow
Zoom in/out
(In the default view, you must zoom in before zooming out.) Windows key + plus/minus sign
Lock screen Windows key + L
Open Run dialog Windows key + R
Open Search box Windows key + F
Open Windows Explorer to computer Windows key + E
Expand Folders view in Win Explorer to show where you are Control + Shift + E
Go up a level in Windows Explorer Alt + up-arrow
Choose display mode/switch monitors
(Especially useful for presenters or dual-monitor users) Windows key + P
Launch apps pinned to the Taskbar
(1 is the left-most app; Windows Key+T cycles through all apps.) Windows key + (number 1-9)
Cycle through Gadgets Windows key + G
Rotate a picture clockwise Control + period
Rotate a picture counterclockwise) Control + comma


iTunes - Tip to clean up missing songs

After consolidating your iTunes library you may find that many of the songs had the little exclamation mark icon that means "this file is not where it was when it was added to the library" because you'd made changes to your music folder for organization purposes. But iTunes offers no easy way to get rid of the files that have those errors.

To get rid of them edit all of the music files (select all in the music tab) in the Comment tag to "I exist." Then I made a custom playlist that found songs that did NOT have "I exist" as their comment. This created a list that contained all the missing files (because you can't change tags on files that don't exist). I selected all and shift+delete and deleted them from the library.

No more missing files.


Adobe Flash Update Automatically Installs McAfee Security Scan Plus

The Adobe updater periodically phones home and checks for software updates. The most recent Flash update also installs, by default, McAfee Security Scan Plus.

During the install you have the option not to install it but you have to select it manually.

McAfee Security Scan Plus isn’t good security software – it’s a marketing tool from MacAfee who want you to purchase their software, and should be considered AdWare.


Share you Calendar with anyone you specify

Tungle.me is a free Calendar service that works with Outlook, Gmail, iCal and more.

Once you've created an account you can choose to share calendars with specific people. Your calendar is only shared with the specific people you choose who also have an account Tungle.me.

This is a good option for small businesses who use basic pop e-mail but want a solution for a shared calendar.