Sync your Outlook Tasks and Notes Online and to your iPhone

Step 1. Set up a free account at Toodledo.com

Step 2. Close Outlook, download and install Toodledo Sync Application. 

The sync application will want your Toodledo ID number. Leave it open on the tab that wants the ID number.

Step 3. Log into Toodledo and from the menu on the left select Account Settings. On that page you will see your Unique ID, simply copy and paste it into the sync program that you left open.

On the Synchronization tab you can change your Automatic Synchronization schedule.  To close the options window go to File -> Close. You will now see a green checkmark icon in your tool tray. Right click it and hit Manual Sync.

Step 4. Purchase Toodledo from the App Store

Cycle through open documents in Office 2010

Clicking on the view menu then switch window then the document you want is about 2 clicks too many.

These keyboard combo's save me from mouse rage when working on multiple documents at once.

Ctrl-F6 cycles forward one document and Shift-Ctrl-F6 cycles back one.

Happy non clicking!