Upgrade your company computers every 3 years

Do you have slow computers? But don’t want to invest the money required for new ones?
You could be being penny wise & pound foolish.
Say your average employee costs you £15.00 per hour and they work 2080 hours a year (40 hour week)
A fast workstation costs under £800.00 but in this example, let’s use £800
Let us also assume that the computer upgrade cycle is 3 years, so, per employee, one £800 computer is good for 3 years. Again, the employee costs you £15.00 per hour or £31,200 per year.
Now, we need to assume that a new workstation would be faster for your employee and in this example we will say for 10 minutes of extra productivity a day.
So, 10 minutes of lost productivity costs your client £2.50 per day. £2.50 x 260 workdays = £650 per year. Multiply £650 per year by 3 years and you get £1950
So, using this logic, a new workstation that can increase productivity 10 minutes a day for an employee more than pays for itself. You should also consider the immeasurable boost in employee morale you will see.
Now, imagine how the numbers can scale if the employee costs more than £15.00 per hour, works more than 40 hours or a new workstation costs less than £800.00 (it most likely will).


Get online to be prepared for the Unexpected

If your computer was stolen tomorrow or your business broadband went off for 3 days how would that affect your business?

Do you have a plan in place to minimize the disruption such events would cause?

Online backups or data storage and online mailboxes including your contacts and calendars can minimize these kind of disruptions allowing you to work on different computers in different locations.


Desktop Shortcut to switch user

If you create a shortcut pointing to %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\tsdiscon.exe
you can switch users by clicking it, it takes you directly to the log on screen in Windows without logging the current user off.

If you are forever switching users this is a genuine timesaver.