Disposable E-mail

Disposable e-mail addresses are a great way to avoid spam and protect your e-mail address on websites, blogs, forums and social media.

You give a disposable e-mail address when an e-mail address is requested, you can then go and check and respond to any e-mails sent to the Disposable E-mail address from their website. 

No registration or sign-up required!

My two favourite are Mailinator and 10 minute mail


Outlook - Making the same change to multiple contacts

Its possible to make the same change to multiple contacts in Outlook without having to open, modify, and save each one. The trick is to use Outlook to group items in the Contacts folder view to organize the contacts, and then drag-and-drop selected contacts to make the change.

You first need to display the items in a table view with the items grouped by the field you need to change. For example, if you need to change the company's address, customize the table view to group the view by the Business Address field.

You don't have to change an entire group, but can instead change individual contacts by using the same method. Rather than drag an entire group, select one or more individual contact items and then drag them to the target group.