Direct Email Replies to a Different address in Outlook

When you send out an email, normally the only address someone sees when they hit the reply button is the one that you sent it from. Outlook has a feature that let’s you add as many return addresses to the message as you want. This is useful for situations where you have a different email address at home than at work, or when you want replies to be seen by several colleagues.

This option is only accessible from the Composition window where you write a new email. It can be found on the Options tab under “Direct Replies To”.

The Properties window will open up and under the Delivery options category there is a “Have replies sent to” check box  The button should be automatically checked, so in the white box to the right of it just add in any additional email addresses or mailing lists you’d like the replies to go to.

Now when someone uses the Reply button to respond to your email it will automatically go to all of the addresses you added.