Speed Up Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome and Skype

If you use any one of these programs then this free app will optimize the program and help speed up your system.



Windows 7 and the Dreaded Temp Profile

When your PC for reasons unknown corrupts your user profile and you find when you login you are in a temp profile without your files, settings and programs then this is a simple fix:

  1. Download Windows Enabler from http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/speedload/Enabler.htm
  2. Right-Click “Windows Enabler.exe” and choose “Run As Administrator”
  3. Click the Notification Tray icon for Windows Enabler to turn Windows Enabler on.
  4. Open the System Properties applet and choose Advanced System Settings.
  5. Open the “User Profiles” dialog and click on the grayed out “Copy To…” button and it will become enabled.
  6. Copy the profile as you used to in XP and Vista.
  7. When completed. We need to update permissions on the registry key.
  8. Start –> Run –>regedt32 (Open the registry editor)
  9. Locate the profile key in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\
  10. Right click on the Key and choose “Permissions”
  11. Locate the User account that will use this profile and give Full Control
  12. Reboot


ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9 Disables Java and Flash

If you use Internet Explorer 9 and have problems using some websites then you may have ActiveX Filtering enabled.

To disable; click on the Settings icon located at the top right of the browser, go to Safety, and click on ActiveX Filtering to uncheck it.