Analyse suspicious files and URLs

VirusTotal is a free service that analyses suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.



BlackBerry fix messaging problems

Clear and refresh the service book database if a BlackBerry is unable to send or receive data.

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Watch US TV Online for Free

Here is an interesting method that I discovered which is easy to set up allowing you to watch US TV for free from your computer running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or devices such as AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, and Android by just changing your current DNS to Tunlr’s DNS without installing any software.

Changing your DNS will not change your IP address and that is the same case for Tunlr. However, after changing to Tunlr’s DNS, you are able to bypass the geo-restriction implemented on most US TV streaming websites such as Hulu, CBS, Netflix, ABC, NBC, FOX allowing you to stream the videos. Tunlr is able to do this by only routing data that is related to video or music content providers which Tunlr supports while the rest are left untouched.

Using Tunlr DNS to stream video and audio is fast because you are connected directly to the streaming servers

Notes on Tunlr:
 1. After changing your primary and secondary DNS to Tunlr, make sure you restart your web browser to take effect or else it won’t work.
 2. Tunlr is not suitable as a permanent DNS for your computer as it is made to allow streaming of US/UK video and audio. Once you’ve finished streaming the audio/video, switch back to your original DNS settings to restore back the download and upload speed.
 3. If Tunlr doesn’t work, please check their status page to see if their tunneling server is running. At the bottom of the page also shows if Tunlr is activated on your computer which means if you’ve set it up correctly.

There are no guarantee on Tunlr’s services because it is developed and ran by a few enthusiasts. If their DNS service is down, just wait for it to get back up. There’s no registration required, no advertisements by them, and they don’t even accept donation.

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